Hi! We love having you in our store!
First of all, we introduce ourselves:

We are karol and Sara, the owners of feelhawai.com and we want to inform you that we have made a great effort to make your shopping experience in our store the best possible.

We work with a small but talented group of young people who are behind the store and for them it is a real pleasure to serve and help you.

Our virtual store is located in Miami, Florida. We have American BBQ Products in our collections that you will not find in the local market. In feelhawai.com we have only one rule when we sell a product: it has to make you feel satisfied. We look for products all over the world that are innovative and that become a trend. Under this criterion, we are sure that we will always have something unique to offer you.

One of the things that most concerns online customers is whether their purchases are safe, and they also worry about who is behind the store they are buying from and whether their products will be shipped.

For us, the customer is king. When you shop with us, the sale is not only completed as soon as you pay, but it is completed when you as a customer are completely satisfied with the product in your hands.

Happy shopping!
You want to buy the whole store!

Of course, we would like you to buy the whole store, and if you wish, just contact us hahaha... no, but really ... our desire and goal is that you take the product you want, that you like, that makes you happy and obviously with an excellent price.

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So, in other words, we want to welcome you to feelhawai.com . And, of course, do not hesitate to contact us for anything, for us it is a real pleasure to serve you. And come back whenever you want!

Yours sincerely...
Karol and Sara